Saturday, March 02, 2013

Beth's Knitting

For the girl who doesn't knit, Beth has done a great job on her projects. I'm going to block them for her tomorrow and then sew in the ends. She will pay dearly for this service. :) She already bought me golf balls this morning and she has a list of towels that I want as well. She still has tonight, tomorrow and Monday morning to shop so who knows what else I will come up with.

Pattern: Churchmouse Linen Stitch Scarf
Yarn: Classic Elite Liberty Prints - 2 balls each of 3 colours
Colours: 7821 Caribbean Tidepool, 7868 Sonic Lavender and 7865 Violet Glen
Needles: 7mm 80cm

Version: Steampunk
Yarn: Classic Elite Liberty Prints
1 ball of colour Rainbow Riot
2 balls of colour 7899 Cloudy Dawn
Needles: 5mm 60cm
We cast on 150 stitches but for her next one we cast on 138.

6:45 is way to early to start the day. :) I was up at that awful hour to make sure the dogs were fed and had lots of play time before I came to work. I hope they are sleeping now. I'm going to run home soon and let them out and then they will have the afternoon to sleep again. They are going to be active when I get home tonight. I hope they let me knit. I have the back cast on for Eos and want to get into the chart tonight. Hopefully I get enough done for some good pictures for tomorrow's post.


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