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Friday, September 07, 2012


My day has been planned down to the minute. Stop at the doctor's office, go to the store to meet the Mr. Canada Post, pick up the van, go to storage for shelving, come to store and pack, head to Kitchener. We are at the second item on my list and we are now behind. Mr. Canada Post is no where to be seen. He is bringing a box from Lynda with a finished shawl for the show and hopefully some yarn. Hurry!! I can't do anything until I get the van. 

While I am waiting I took a few pictures. 

The Catherine Cowl is done. 2 balls of Royal Petites (100% Alpaca) from Blue Sky Alpacas. The yarn is packed for the Knitters' Fair.
A new scarf yarn arrived yesterday from Filatura di Crosa.

Rumba (which is coming to the show as well)
It is like the scarf yarns we have been using-you knit in the big holes along the top of the yarn.
75% acrylic
15% wool
10% polyester
10 m on a 100gram ball.
It didn't take long to make the scarf. I put on 4 stitches with 5mm needles. 
I think if I was making this for myself I would use 2 balls and start with 6 stitches. The scarf would be just a bit wider and longer.

Hint-don't wind the yarn into a ball-wind it onto a paper towel tube.

Mr. Canada Post just left. My shawl from Lynda (which looks amazing) and two other boxes. It's time to get on the road. Have a good day and we will see you tomorrow at the Knitters' Fair!!

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