Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Tina and Jack

I really thought about posting yesterday but life got in the way. My cough is still lingering so I called my doctor to get an appointment but couldn't get in. They suggested I call the after hours doctor. I had a 6pm appointment but didn't get to see him until 7:30. Then half an hour at the drug store to get my prescription and I wasn't feeling like sitting down and writing. There wasn't much of interest to say either.

Today I'm feeling better. The coughing is much better-not sure if it is in my head or the new pills are working. I'm really tired but hopefully a good night sleep tonight and I will be running tomorrow. We are almost packed for the Knitters' Fair. Kim and I will finish tomorrow and Friday morning the van will be packed. I totally forgot to take a picture of the store-there are boxes everywhere.

I needed information on a Rowan yarn today and went to There are new free patterns.

Knit this women's moss stitch cardigan a free pattern download part of Rowan Studio 28 collection. Designed by Ruth Green and using the ever popular yarn Kid Classic (lambswool and kid mohair). With straight cast off sleeves, round neck detail and contrasting colour fronts, this knitting pattern is for the beginner knitter.
Download the pattern... 

Knit this men's fairisle slip over the members exclusive free pattern download for September. Designed by Martin Storey and using the gorgeous yarn Wool Cotton (merino wool and cotton). With a v neck detail and contrasting bands, this knitting pattern is for the intermediate knitter.
Download the pattern... 

Thank you Rowan for these great designs.

It's another busy TV night-thank goodness because I need to spend some time knitting on the Catherine Cowl to get it done for the Fair. The first game of the NFL season. Big Brother-will someone save themselves from the block? Beth is yelling at me to get upstairs. She is ready to watch Big Brother and is threatening to start without me. Wishing you and me a good night sleep!!

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Lois Evensen said...

Now, that's an interesting sweater. Perhaps for someone with a split personality. ;) Fun.

I hope your cough is better. I think that's the kind of cold we had with the lingering cough we still have. Perhaps we should go get some meds, too....