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Monday, September 03, 2012

Jubilee Throw

Jane sent an email this afternoon with some great pictures. This is going to be another work of art. The colours are amazing and I love all the different patterns.

Here are a few pics of the throw. The first one shows how I block them. Pin them to a piece of styrofoam and put a WET towel on them. When the towel is dry..they are blocked. That may take a day or two. The second pic is of some blocked pieces.  Just for your info..I have not even got half of the squares done. This is going to take a while. Am pleased with the blocks so far
We had a great day on the golf course. I'm glad that I decided to go. For a while this morning I thought about staying home but that would have meant a day in bed. I think it was better to get out in the beautiful sun.

Kate Atherley is coming back to teach on Saturday September 15. If you haven't taken a class with Kate then you are missing out. You will learn a new technique as well as picking up lots of great tips from her. After her classes the students are always raving about what a great instructor she is.

Edited to add-this class has been changed to Lizard Ridge.

Cabling Without a Cable Needle 
10am-12pm $30
description: Speed up your cable knitting and expand your skills by learning to work cables without a cable needle.
class details: We work through a variety of swatches, starting with 2-stitch "mock cables", and knit-over-purl twists, and then move up to multi-stitch cables. Emphasis is on practising the technique. I also discuss yarn and project types that lend themselves to abandoning the cable needle, and those that don't (i.e. wool or yarns with some friction are better than fibres like silk).

skill level: Suitable for a newer knitter, but they must have worked one cabled project.
length: 2 hours
materials required: bring scrap yarn in a light colour and matching needles - worsted or aran weight and 5mm needles is recommended

Your First Lace Shawl 

1pm-4pm $40

description: Are you a newer knitter ready for a challenge? Are you looking to learn a new skill? Lace is the most beautiful work a knitter can produce. Start your lace knitting adventures with a triangular shawl in a traditional Shetland lace pattern. We`ll teach you the basics of lace knitting - including working from charts and written instructions, and get you working on your first shawl. We`ll also talk about how to identify, fix and prevent mistakes, and provide tips for making lace easier and more fun.
class details: I provide a set of basic lace patterns that we work through in small swatches, building skills to prepare for the lace pattern stitch used in the shawl. I start with repeats of yarnover-k2tog ssk-yo, then move to a cat`s eye, and basic lace motifs like leaf shapes and the traditional Cat's Paw, and then to the lace cable motif used in the shawl. I talk about how lace is constructed - the basic concept of position and slant of decrease as it relates to the corresponding increase. I show how to work from both written and chart instructions. I demonstrate the lifeline, how to fix missed yarnovers, and provide tips to reduce risk of mistake - counting sts, use of markers, keeping track of chart rows. In the second half of the class, students begin work on my `Modest Lace Shawl` design, and I show knitters how to work and read a full shawl pattern. And, finally, I talk about why and how to block.
skill level: advanced beginner; knitters must be comfortable with knit and purl and decreasing
length: 3 hours

materials required: 4.5mm needles - straight or short circular - and aran or worsted weight scrap yarn in a light colour; 4mm needles - straight or short circular, and 450-500m of sock/fingering weight yarn

Please note:
Class size is limited
You must pay the class fee in advance, either in person or over the phone
Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Now it is bed time. We have a lot to do this week and not a lot of days to get it accomplished.

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Candice said...

Hi Julie - Thank you for bringing Groovy to my attention. I needed a simple but stunning , quick pattern to knit for my yoga instructor's Christmas present. Using Ultra Alpaca from my stash makes it even more wonderful.