Friday, August 03, 2012

Rearranging and Alpaca Sox

Bailey has hit a stand still. No knitting was done on Wednesday and I got half a repeat done last night. No knitting is being accomplished in the store either. With the many, many boxes that came in I decided to blow it up (maybe a bad choice of words) and move everything. I had to keep apologizing to customers today because of the mess but it's starting to come together.

Baby Cashmerino has a new home. It now lives where tosh dk was before. I don't know why I didn't think of this before. The yarn fits perfectly here.

One section of baby yarns from Sirdar is done. Tomorrow I am going to try and get the Baby Bamboo, Smiley Stripes and Snuggly Crofter done.

Now I'm on the tosh dk and merino dk. I need this done by tomorrow so that Monday can be spent in the storage unit going through the boxes and finding the colours we need for the shelves.

This came in an email from Vogue Knitting today.
These are very interesting shades.

If you go to Vogue Knitting's website they have an excellent article on fashion trends and the colours for fall.

A new book from Classic Elite (9186 Cascading Waters) arrived for Alpaca Sox
Alpaca Sox, CEY’s signature sock yarn, is spun from a blend of fibers designed to make a comfortable, warm sock. Alpaca provides warmth and softness, wool adds elasticity and cushion, and a little nylon lends strength and durability.
The construction of Alpaca Sox is unique too. Most sock yarns are plied and tightly twisted to make them dense, smooth, and long-lasting. Alpaca Sox is a 2-ply yarn twisted just enough to be durable, but relaxed enough that the soft alpaca fibers can expand a little and show their halo.
The hand-dyes make effortless colorful socks when you want the yarn to do the work. 
Lone Wolf
An oversized and loosely knit, unstructured pullover with drop shoulder sleeves and foldover cowl neck- very easy project perfect for beginner knitters.

Sky Chief
A lacy drop front cardigan worked sideways. I saw this when we were in Columbus and I love it. This is on my to do list.

We have replenished our stock of Alpaca Sox with some great colours.

I just got home from work. I was on a mission to get the store somewhat in shape before opening tomorrow but it didn't happen. The alarm is going to be set earlier than normal so that I can get a few hours of organizing in before opening. Now I'm moving to the couch to watch some Olympics. They are showing the ladies heptathlon. The women are incredible-to be able to be good in so many events is amazing. I'm not going to bed until the second repeat is finished. I better knit fast because I'm tired. :)

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