Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jubilee Throw

When I got to work this morning there was an email from Jane
Good morning. Had to sort of chuckle when you wrote that you had finished Bailey and sewn in all the end by yourself. Well..just finished this square and have sewn in ALL the ends by myself. There were 1000 's of them. Hate that job. So..this has been the most challenging square so far..that is the good news..the bad news is I have to do 2 more of them. The difference is that they are smaller..which is a good thing. Think this one looks pretty good. Hope you like it
Jane-the square looks great. I love the flowers. You win on the sewing in ends competition.

A newsletter came from Classic Elite earlier today which includes the pattern for a shawl knit in Sanibel.

Download the newsletter...

You don't need to get too fancy with Sanibel-it does the work for you.

Ms. UPS brought in a box from Rowan-6 new shades of Kidsilk Haze Stripe and Rowan Studio Issue 27.

Spring Retro designed by Amanda Crawford
A fun and fresh collection, 'spring retro' look reflects the current trend for 1950's inspired fashion. Knitted in Rowan's ever popular Wool Cotton.
The popular wool cotton has been in the Rowan range for many years. It owes its longevity to the high twist blend of wool and cotton which creates knitted designs with a beautiful drape and great stitch definition.

French Fancy
Knit this elegant cropped cardigan, with gorgeous lace stitch detail for an essential on trend piece for Summer. 
This simple yet classic sweater in the gorgeous wool cotton yarn, is the ideal pull on for a slightly cooler Spring afternoon.
Knit this cute cropped sweater in the ever popular wool cotton, for a must have this season.

14 more rows and Clue #2 of the Mystery Shawl (which isn't a mystery anymore) is done. There is a lot of TV tonight-Master Chef, Storage Wars and Shipping Wars. There should be some knitting accomplished.

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Peggy said...

HI Julie
Love the Sanibel pattern but am confused. Pattern states it is top -down and starts with CO of 5 stitches. What "top" are they talking about. I would expect that if starting top-down you would need to cast on lots of stitches then decrease to the point.
Can you shed any light on this?