Thursday, August 09, 2012

I see the end

The finish line is in sight. Just 17 rows to go. And it's a sleeve so the rows are short.

I don't think the sewing will take a long time. Because the yarn is bulky there aren't a lot of rows-not like a sweater in sock yarn. I will need to sew with a different yarn. Drift is a roving yarn that will break easily while doing the mattress stitch.

I would have liked to take this picture outside but it is pouring rain here. We do need it so I'm not going to complain but if it cold stop soon and then start in a few hours I would appreciate it.

I'm home now and it is still raining as I am getting ready to barbecue steaks. Not the best night to barbecue but we bought beautiful steaks at Denningers last night and I have been dreaming about them all day.

Two more boxes arrived from Lorna's Laces. One is unpacked and the other box (that is full of Helen's Lace) will be unpacked tomorrow. There are new colours of Solemate (I showed socks yesterday knit in the yarn and it is really, really nice.)

I hope my sister doesn't see this post because I can already hear her bugging me to have someone knit her a pair of socks.

Barbecuing in the rain with an umbrella on my shoulder wasn't fun but dinner was great!

All I'm going to say about Big Brother last night was WOW. Tonight is going to be interesting. 17 rows to go so I'm moving upstairs to knit.

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