Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Debbie Bliss Angel

There isn't much to show on Bailey. I am half way through the second repeat on the front. I decided to spare you a picture today-the front looks just like the back.

Debbie Bliss Angel was in the boxes that arrived yesterday.
Angel Prints
76% Super Kid Mohair
24% Silk

200m on a 25gram ball
This sweater is from Debbie's book called Angel. It will look fabulous in a colour of Print.

There are four new colours of Angel (solid colours) and Party Angel (solid colours with a metallic polyester thread running through it).

I went to Debbie's website to see what was new and the cover of her new magazine is up. This should be arriving at the end of August/beginning of September.
From Debbie
With Britain not being very reliable for weather in February I decided to fly off to snowy Poland to make sure we got some magical images for our Snow Whites feature in this issue.It wasn't the easiest of shoots so I would like to thank the dedication of the team ,from model Olivia who wore delicate mohair in bitter temperatures,to Mia,our rather height challenged Style Director who nearly disappeared up to the pom pom on her bobble hat in snow drifts and Malgorzata Dudek and her father who brought their fantastic husky team ( too to the child models ,Agnes,Frankie and Sonny who starred in the Little Critters feature and never once complained about the cold, possibly because they were so cosy in their animal hats and mitts designed by Emma Varnem!
It was also the perfect location for our Folklore fashion which had been inspired by my love of the beautiful textiles that are part of Eastern European national costume so it was wonderful to be able to shoot the embroidered and ribbon trimmed knits against the backdrop of Polish interiors.
For the home feature the theme was different but just as on trend.I love the history,culture and textiles of the American South West so seeing the way that fashion has embraced the look it seemed a natural step to take those influences into the home .
Finally I am excited about announcing a competition for readers to design a baby blanket,with the winning prize being a year's supply of my most popular yarn,Baby Cashmerino.
Do send in pics of your own knits too,I would love to be able to include them in the magazine and let me know if there are any features that you would like to see included in future issues.

Two more boxes of tosh came to work with me today. It's unpacked (not put away because I'm considering moving everything around)

merino light

  • creme de menthe
  • tart
  • wicked
  • opaline
  • steam age
  • la vie en rose
  • earl grey
  • graphite
  • mica
  • kelp
  • carnation
  • cloak
  • smokey orchid
  • grasshopper


  • worn denim

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While I am unpacking boxes there are boxes being packed for storage. Five boxes and a huge bag of yarn are in the truck. You are going to have a great time shopping at the Tent Sale. There are amazing yarns at great prices!

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