Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crossed the Finish Line

Bailey is done.

Beth and I went on the back deck to get pictures. She thought she was paparazzi clicking away pictures. Here are a few

The sleeves ended up a bit long but I don't mind wearing my cuffs turned back. There is no way that I'm taking the sleeves out to shorten them.
 She was turning my phone getting pictures at all angles.
I took this picture to show that I did sew all the ends in. All of them!! All by myself.

My friends wanted in on the action and have their picture taken.

You can't see it in the picture but their tails are wagging like crazy. Roko's hair is starting to grow back in. It isn't nearly as soft as Melo's but getting better.

We are golfing this afternoon. Quoting my dad "Let's hope the rain keeps up" (so that it doesn't come down). If you know my dad you can see him smiling as he says this.

The only bad thing about golfing is that we are going to miss the closing ceremonies. They are set to tape-I like to watch the athletes walking in.

Have a great day!!


Linda in Waterloo said...

Very kind of you to feature the KW Knitters Fair in your newsletter. It's much appreciated. Beautiful sweater. Adorable pups. Thanks again!

Candice said...