Friday, August 10, 2012

Almost Done

Sleeve #2 was almost finished last night. I didn't have my notes upstairs with me and wasn't sure which row to go to. There are two rows to finish this morning.

I put my computer away for a while and worked on the sweater. The sleeve is done and cast off.

The shoulder seams are done and it's time for the neck band. I decided to do it on a circular needle-one less seam to sew.

Mr. Canpar brought in a huge box of new colours of Debbie Bliss Paloma. This yarn is a chainette yarn that knits to a bulky tension but because of the construction is very light. Lilac and Mallard are calling to me.

Hare are a few patterns that I really like from Debbie's Paloma book that came out last year. I'm not sure if we are going to get any new patterns this year. Maybe in her magazine coming out later this month.

Jane sent an email this morning.

Here are two more squares done..but not blocked..and the other one 3/4 done. The one on the needle is the more challenging one since there are more colours and more stitches per row. I have told Julie I don't really want to send any more pictures since this is a Christmas gift for some one involved with this blog. Something has to be a surprise
The squares are looking great!! There seems to be a lot of ends to sew in. I better not complain about the ends on my sweater-the number of ends I have is very little compared to Jane.

Now the computer needs to be charged. I hope to have another picture before I hit Publish with a finished neck band. Maybe a sleeve or two sewn in as well.

I'm supposed to work 8 inches for the neck band and I had 5 inches done when I left work. Beth and I did some running around and I just walked in. I'm rushing to get my post done before Saturday hits. No more knitting tonight but I will get the knitting done in the morning and hope to have it sewn tomorrow afternoon.

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