Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coat of Many Colors

Yesterday was a busy day. Bank and post office to start the day. Then a trip to see Trish and have my hair done. I called Beth as I was leaving and we met at home to head to the golf course. Yes, we did golf in that heat. It was a great day. The course was empty-like it was ours. I beat Beth on the front nine. This is a rarity. I was 8 and Beth was 6 when we learned to golf. She has always been better than me. I quit when I was 13 and didn't pick it up again until I was 20. I was studying to be a Chartered Accountant and thought it was something a Chartered Accountant should be good at. Now it's just a fun day out. We got home around 8 and it was time for bed. It was seriously hot on the course and I was wiped out. There was no way I could sit down and write a post.

When you go to bed early you get up early. More parcels were packed and were delivered to the post office on my way to work. I was early and started on chores and ordering yarn.

I had no clue what I was going to show you today and then Jane came in with her knitting. Perfect.

I love the colours and how they are blending together.

Jane set it on the floor for me to see her progress.

It is hard from the picture to understand how it is going to be a cardigan. Jane put it on so that things make more sense. I looked at the pictures that I took at TNNA and I think we put this on Jane upside down.

Jane has some rows to knit and then she will start casting on for the sleeves. When the sleeves are done there is one seam to sew across the back neck.

Hopefully Jane will take pictures when she starts adding on stitches so that you can understand a bit better. This is one of those projects where you just have to have faith that it is going to work.

It is beautiful. If you can't make it to the store to see it when Jane finishes we will have it at The Knitter's Frolic, Knitting Camp and Woodstock Fleece Festival. This is definitely a garment we will be showing off.

There are 7 colours combinations for the coat. Jane is currently knitting Clematis.
It is time to get back to work. I placed some orders this afternoon and there are a few more to do. Then it is time to get to the website. I haven't spent enough time on it lately.


Manon C. said...

This pattern looks very interesting construction-wise. What is the name of it, please?

Manon C. said...

Sorry, I saw your title afterwards. Duh -- A Coat of Many Colors...

Linda in Waterloo said...

Knitter's Fair??? (The names are too similar!) It's lovely and amazing!

Lois Evensen said...

ooooh, yes, that does look pretty. Just love the blues and greens. And, we accountants (Certified as opposed to Chartered down here below Niagara Falls) do like to play golf, but I haven't been out for years. ;)

Anonymous said...

Julie... You should see the shawl I am crocheting from the Rowan kid silk haze that I ordered from you. Would you like me to send you a photo? It is so yummy! (on the front cover of the latest Vogue crochet mag). I purchased the Swirl book and at first glance through the book I am mortified by the directions. Tell me it's not that bad! Good to know that you carry the kits. Please keep me informed as to when you are traveling with trunk shows. As for all you golfers/knitters -- I'm jealous. I really need to retire and do nothing but those two things! Happy Knitting! Caraleen Baker in London.