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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I couldn't make myself sit down and post yesterday. I was sulking because I should have been in Myrtle Beach on the golf course.

Yesterday morning started with a trip to the dentist. That can ruin any ones day. My teeth are clean and I don't need to go back for another six months. On the way home I stopped in Grimsby at The Great Canadian Superstore because I was told they have Joe Fresh clothes. I'm always on the lookout for new things for the mannequins. I didn't find any summer pants that I liked but I did get cords for next fall at $1.94 a pair. They only had size 0 and 2 but that is perfect for my ladies. Then I decided to stop and look at furniture. Mom and dad need to start thinking about what they want/need for the townhouse. The first stop was a waste of time. The second stop had some possibilities. After bringing Jane lunch I went home to work but that bored me so I went to the storage unit to play with my madelinetsoh yarn. I needed to get the list up to date and make sure it was right. Last week we couldn't find one yarn-it was in the wrong box. Then off to another furniture store in Caledonia that had great furniture. Wish I had known about it when I got my townhouse. After dinner I was still bored so I dragged Beth out. We decided to check out the new Costco in Ancaster. It looks just like the old one. We were both disappointed. Not sure what we thought it was going to be.

I'm making progress on the Trendsetter vest. Seven squares are complete.

I totally forgot to take out Gnarled Oak and do the grafting-I will do it tonight so that I can wear it tomorrow.

Mr. Canpar brought a few boxes in today including some new colours of Lang Sock Yarn.

 The colour numbers are 373-378.
 420m on a 100gram ball
There is 10m of reinforcing thread included that is dyed to match. Knit this with the heels and toes for added strength.
75% Superwash Wool
25 % Nylon
For an interesting sock pattern take a look at the Circle Socks-the pattern is free on Ravelry
If you don't like socks, take a look at Wingspan. This is an interesting scarf. I have the pattern in my Ravelry library.
I just received this picture by email. It makes me sad. This is the house that my grandfather built when my dad's family moved from Holland. It is on the same property as the construction company. My grandfather passed away a few years ago and the house was being rented out. About a month ago there was a fire in the house. No one was hurt but there was too much damage to fix it. I called Beth and she went to have a look. She said it is a mess.

I'm home from work and ready to finish Gnarled Oak. Can someone please tell me where I put a sewing needle?

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