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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hey Hey We're The Monkees!

I have CNN on the TV and sad news has been coming up all morning. There are tornadoes slamming the US with many deaths and many more missing. Whole neighbours have been levelled. Very sad.

Then it came up that Davvy Jones has passed away.

I took this picture at Barrett-Jackson but didn't put in up. I think it is fitting today. There are Monkees songs running through my head as I am writing. What great TV. Why can't they make shows like that today?

Nick (Mr. Canpar) brought in a huge box of yarn.

Eight new colours of Taiyo Sock - 17-30

A new scarf yarn from Katia came in.

Bossa Nova
72% cotton
28% polyamide

There are 13m on a ball so it will take two balls to make a scarf.

Download the pattern...

The yarn is like Ondas but much softer. The frill is also much deeper.

All colours are in stock

I pulled out some 4mm needles and cast on 6 stitches. This is one ball.

I'm finding the yarn quick to knit. I didn't start this until noon and have been serving customers and doing other work while working on the scarf.

The pattern says one inch between stitches but I went further-I did about two fingers.

I had a bit of a computer freak out this afternoon. I was looking for a document and it wasn't there. Yesterday I couldn't find one either but just thought I deleted it. Today the missing documents included my camp brochure. I wouldn't delete that. I looked everywhere and it was gone. Beth has a rule that if it doesn't work then turn it off and start it back up. Guess what? The documents are showing up on my computer now. Really weird.

Knitting class tonight and then night two of Idol. I almost forgot about Survivor. Maybe a new Revenge?

I finished the body of Gnarled Oak last night. Tonight I will be starting sleeve number two. Hopefully the yoke will be started on the weekend. That is when there will be some good pictures.

It's almost 6:30. I didn't go home between work and class so that I could get the scarf done.

I'm happy that I decided to do the full two balls. For a while I was going to stop after one ball-partly being lazy and partly to show how far one ball goes.

I forgot to mention that we received a box of patterns from Brooklyn Tweed. Pictures tomorrow.

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theresa said...

Yes, a new Revenge - woot - the previews look good. I like the new frilly scarf.