Monday, November 07, 2011

Ordering spring yarn

It was an early morning today. Up at 7, on the road at 8. Okay, to many of you that isn't early but for me the alarm went of an hour and a half earlier than normal. The first stop was gas. Why mention this? My parents came home from Myrtle Beach on Friday. Saturday morning my dad got in his truck, came to the store to get my empty boxes and take them to be recycled. He ran out of gas. Lesson learned for all. Make sure you check before starting out how much gas is in your vehicle. Back to my day. Then I went to the store to get yarn for mail orders placed on the weekend. Thankfully there wasn't much traffic on the road for my trip to Toronto. One of my suppliers was holding an open house to see new yarns for spring. Here is a sneak peek.

There are many new colours of Taiyo Sock. Sorry they are a bit blurry. I was trying to take them quickly without anyone seeing me. :)

Eight new colours of Silk Garden. There will also be at least two maybe three new Noro pattern books.

Sirdar baby patterns and yarns are some of the best on the market. Here is a new one coming in January.

And a peek at the new Baby Crofter DK book.
There are new colours of Baby Crofter DK, Baby Bamboo and Smiley Stripes.

On the way home from the open house I stopped at Square One. I hate that mall. It is huge and I parked at the wrong door. I had to walk the whole mall to get to Lush. We are almost out of bubble bath. My new book cases arrived at Crate and Barrel so I picked them up as well.

I quickly mailed out four boxes and then off for a pedicure. My feet are very happy.

Jane went through most of the tosh yarns and counted them for me. The website is updated for these yarns (merino light, merino dk, merino and dk). Speaking of tosh, they are going to start dying another order for me early next week.

It is dark out and feels like it is 10 but it is just 6:30. I'm going to close the computer and work on some knitting. Tonight's football game should be great!

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