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Friday, August 26, 2011


I have five rows of garter stitch (on 431 stitches) to go on Clue #3. Maybe I will be ready to start Clue #4 tomorrow. I'm still at home so I hope to remember to bring it with me to work today.

CNN is on the TV while I am working. The coverage is on Hurricane Irene. Beth and I talked to my parents this morning. So far the weather is good in Myrtle Beach. The group are heading to the golf course for a game this afternoon. Dad said that they are expecting rain to start around 8pm tonight.

Big Brother last night was not good. Sad to see Jeff go. I'm not happy with Shelly right now. She keeps talking about how she is playing such a truthful game. We keep catching her in lies.

Next week we will be receiving a new line of needles-Knitters Pride. I don't normally put prices on the blog but I know that you are going to be wondering. What a great gift for a knitter.
From the Knitters Pride website
These needles include the Dreamz line, Cubics (cuboid-shaped) and Rose lines: All of these are made from densified laminated birch wood. This material is more costly and much harder than either ebony or rosewood. Unlike in other wooden needles, water absorption in Symfonie wood needles is negligible and, as a result, there is no chance of warping. The same property makes our needles very strong, enables the points to be sharp and provides a lifetime of pleasurable use, if handled correctly. Please remember that all wooden needles in the lower ranges (2.0mm-3.5mm) should be treated with appropriate care
The interchangeable set shown are part of the Dreamz Line.
The Dreamz line of needles is offered in a full range of radiant color.  This aids in organization and, in addition, provides ease of identification for partially sighted knitting and/or crochet artists
The set includes 3.5, 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5 and 8mm needles. Cords in 24", 32" (2 sets) and 40". Retail price $95.
A chunky set is available in 9, 10 and 12mm with 24" and 32" cord. Retail price $40.

I am looking forward to the set. Love the coloured needles.

We also have an set of sock double points coming in 5" ($42.50) and 6" ($45) length. Individual double points and circular needles are coming too.

Many of you still like to knit with single point needles (straights). I didn't forget about you. Sets are coming in 14" length. Retail $100. We can special order sets in 10".
I don't knit a lot with straight needles but the set is so pretty that I might need one. :)

Dear Crocheters. Please don't feel left out. There is a set coming for you too. Sorry that the picture is small but when I try to make it bigger it is very, very fuzzy.
Retail $55.
There are 8 hooks from 3.5-8mm.

I started this post earlier today. It is now 3:30 in the afternoon. Dad called from Myrtle Beach at 1. No golf today. They were getting rain and lots of it. The wind hasn't been too bad which is good.

The more I look at these needles the more I want them. How many sets of interchangeable needles is too many??


Lois Evensen said...

The needles AND the hooks look wonderful. :) I both knit and crochet so have plenty of tool-toys. I always enjoy having more, too. My Honey was so very cool on my last birthday by picking out a set of interchangeable-size afghan stitch crochet hooks. I was so impressed!

Fifi said...

Oh I think I need them too ... and I have a birthday coming up :-)

Wannietta said...

I can't wait to see & feel them. How many sets of straights can tip the scale of 'too many'? ;)

Suzie said...

Those needles are pretty awesome- will I be able to order them from your site? Also, not as close to done clue #3 as you are - still have to finish section 3 and do another of section 2 before I can start clue #4

Julie said...

Lois-you have a great honey-buying you interchangeable hooks. I like the term tool-toys.

Julie said...

I don't think you have enough sets of needles. At least I keep telling myself this so I can have a set. :)

Julie said...

I will get them on the site when they arrive.

Good luck with getting the shawl done. I finished the garter stitch last night. Now I can start Clue #4.

Julie said...

What a great gift for your birthday. You can buy them and give them to the kids so they have a gift for you. :)