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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Mystery Shawl

Last night I finished the first clue of the Mystery Shawl. I am not a fan of knitting intarsia, because I am not very good at it, but the tosh merino light fills out nicely and the intarsia doesn't look too bad. The ends on the other hand are driving me nuts. I am going to have to sit and sew them in before continuing.

It didn't take very long to do the first clue. The next clue will be coming out August 8 so you have lots of time to pick out your yarn and get caught up.

Yesterday morning we had some fun at my house. I didn't write about it because I was way too mad. I went outside (morning trip to Tim's) and could see that the armrest on Beth's truck was open. I called her outside and saw that the drivers side window had been smashed. There was glass everywhere. Thankfully my dad was around. He brought over a shop vac and for an hour we cleaned up the driveway and inside the truck. It still gets me really mad thinking about it. They didn't take anything, just smashed the window. I guess I should be happy that they didn't touch my vehicle.

A shipment of Shepherd Sock arrived from Lorna's Laces this afternoon. I was making up kits for the Linen Stitch scarf but decided to take a break and write for a bit. Sarah is wearing the beautiful earthy colour scarf. The colours have been out of stock for a few weeks but they are back and already kitted up.

It's time to get back to the kits!!


Fifi said...

I believe I just saw a bandwagon pass by and I have officially jumped on it. You planted the seed but it was @hizknits tweet about the spoiler pics that finally did me in.

Julie said...

Welcome to the 'I have no self control' club. :)
I can't wait for the next clue. I want to keep knitting on the shawl!!

Wannietta said...

I'm not a KAL kinda gal but I love Stephen's patterns ... I might just have to squeeze it in!

Bastards!! Just the feeling of violation ... I'm glad that they didn't feel like just vandalizing it for the hell of it when there was nothing to take.