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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lots of New

This time of year is great. Every day we are receiving boxes from suppliers which makes blogging very easy. There are many pretty pictures to share.

My job today is redoing the master price list for the store. There are many new yarns and I need to make sure they are all in 'the book'. New labels are being made for the shelves as well. Oh yeah, I need to start rearranging too so that everything can fit. Right now there are bags of yarn sitting everywhere.

Yesterday, Mr. Canada Post brought in a box of fun from Lorna's Laces. Lots of new colours of Shepherd Sock.

And now from one extreme to the other. Sock to bulky.
Sirdar INDIE is a gorgeous, light and lofty yarn with a riot of magnificent colours in every ball - the fabulous colour effect appears as you knit. INDIE comes in a beautifully lightweight blend of 51% wool and 49% acrylic and comes in a conventional 50g ball. INDIE is fantastically quick to knit on 12mm needles and is easy for children and new knitters alike
Yesterday in the many boxes that Mr. Canpar brought were patterns for Indie and 4 new colours.

Ms. Canada Post just brought in a box from Jordana Paige. L.J. Kaelms is back in stock.
L.J. Kaelms is a north-south tote, tall enough to fit books and magazines, your latest knitting project, supplies and purse items. The straps are that perfect length for carrying on your shoulder, which you can do comfortably because the bag starts out so very lightweight before it's filled up. Inside you'll be happy to find all the great pockets Jordana Paige is known for, plus a new one. Below each circlet is a yarn pocket. Drop your yarn in the pocket, clip the circlet around your yarn and get to work, knowing your yarn isn't going to sneak away from you.
Were you shaking your head at Big Brother last night? What was Luwan thinking when he said that they could nominate him? Has he ever watched the show? It will be interesting to see who will be rejoining the show tonight. Please don't let it be Brendon.

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