Monday, August 22, 2011

Home again

It is Sunday night and I am starting my post early. I could pick up my knitting but decided to write instead.

Mom, dad and I had dinner and then I was going to the outlet mall. I didn't know that it closed at 7. I got there at 6:45. The plan was for me to meet up with them again at 8:30 for ice cream. I didn't feel like going home so I decided to head to Walmart. The Walmart right beside Coastal Carolina University. Fall semester started on Friday. The store was full of students and it looked like a bomb went off. There were no sheets or pillows. The housewares aisles were bare. They had carts full of food and anything you could think a university student away from home would want or need. I didn't stay very long. Now I'm at home waiting until it is time to head out and meet the parents.

It is Monday morning. I have been up since 7. My sheets are washed and the bed is remade. The dishwasher is running. All garbage is in the garage. I think the house is in order. I will be leaving soon to go to my parents but had one thought to put down before I go.

I met up with mom and dad at 8:30 last night for ice cream. It is a Sunday night ritual to go to IHOP for a sundae. Mom and dad went Wednesday night but they had run out of ice cream. How does a restaurant run out of ice cream? Can't you run to the supermarket to buy more? Dad wasn't happy and had to have chocolate cake. Last night we place our order. The waitress comes back five minutes later and says that there is something wrong with the freezer. The ice cream is like soup. Dad looked crushed. He loves his ice cream and waitied all day for it. Chocolate cake again for him. I don't like chocolate cake so the waitress suggested funnel cake. Sounded good (would be much better with ice cream) but there was a catch. They didn't have any strawberries-all out. So I sat there while mom and dad had desert. I could have stayed at home and got a few more rows of knitting done!

Now it is 7:15 and I have woken up from a nap. Time was a bit tight in the airport. I was there an hour and a half before my flight. I mentioned before that Direct Air is very slow checking people in. Then the security line was huge. I got to the gate just as my flight was starting to board. No time for the washroom or to get a magazine for the plane. The flight home was easy and the border was a piece of cake. I'm happy I was going in the direction that I was. It was crazy going into the US.

When we were leaving for the airport I had dad drive by the house to make sure the doors were locked. We drove down the court behind the house to see if there were any new houses going up. I had dad stop to take a few pictures.

The window to the far right is a bedroom. The next two and the door are the kitchen. The two windows over the barbecue are the living room. The two windows on the left up high are the bonus room. This is the room that we bought bedroom furniture for.
Above the screened in porch is a deck. This is off the bonus room-soon to be Beth's bedroom. From the deck you can see the golf course.

I'm off to knit. Clue #4 for the shawl came last night. I need to get #3 done asap.

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