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Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello from Myrtle Beach

The flight was uneventful and Dad was waiting for me when I walked off the plane. I am sitting on my back porch and here are some pictures of the house.

Beth picked out these mixing bowls while we were in Columbus but she wouldn't let me buy them for her. I was in Crate and Barrel on the day of her birthday and the bowls were on sale. Happy Birthday Beth. She thought the colours would work great in Myrtle Beach so mom and dad brought them down.

Trellis one on the front of the house. The plants had just been planted when we were here at the beginning of July. It is hard to tell in the picture but there are purple flowers on it.
The other side of the front window. This plant is much taller than the other side.
Trees in the backyard with flowers.

Beth complained about the stairs when we were here. The owners had painted the walls without covering the stairs and there was paint splattered everywhere. Our painters came in and now they are shiny-so shiny that they look wet. Beth is very pleased.
A dried flower arrangement I made for my bedroom.

It is now Friday afternoon.

This morning dad and I did some running around and then went furniture shopping. Beth and I decided that the bonus room upstairs really needs to be a bedroom. A king size bed and night table are being delivered in two weeks. While in the furniture store I fell in love with a wall unit. It is so perfect for the house. It will be on the truck in two weeks as well.

Dad was chomping at the bit to go golfing so we went to play The Parkland-my favourite course at The Legends. As we were playing the third hole the skies got very dark. Very, very dark. Then they opened up and we were soaked. It was dad's idea to play one more hole and then called it quits. Soaked!! We left our balls on the fifth green because neither one of us would run out to get them.

It is now just after 9pm. We have been to dinner and then some shopping. I am on my way to bed. Golf tomorrow is at 7:16 at The Heritage. A beautiful golf course but an hour away. The car is pulling out of the driveway at 5:45. I might not be a happy golfer tomorrow.


Wannietta said...

I think that as long as it's not raining & you're golfing you'll be a happy golfer!

Sally said...

Are those bowls ceramic/glass?

Have you seen them in our neck of the woods. If they are NOT plastic I need some.

Julie said...

Sally-the bowls are plastic, sorry. They came from Crate and Barrel. You might find some glass ones in the store. There is a store near Square One and in Yordale.