Friday, August 12, 2011


Last night after work I went to see my chiropractor and then to have my eyes checked. Lately I have had a bit of a problem. I can read with my glasses on but it is easier to take them off for small print. This causes a problem because when I take my glasses off I get bad headaches. This means new glasses for me. My current glasses are fine but the new ones will make everything a bit clearer.

If you are working on the Mystery Shawl from Westknits make sure you check Ravelry. Clue #3 came early. Do I really want to make the large shawl?? I know that I do want it large but there is a lot of knitting to do. My thought was to have the shawl done for the Knitter's Fair. Sarah and Lynn decided we are all wearing purple. They are knitting their own cardigans. Lynda is knitting a sweater for Wannietta to wear. I am giggling while reading this. I'm sure no one has ever knit a sweater for Wannietta. What am I going to wear? The shawl would be perfect.

It's later in the day and I need to step away from stocking the shelves. It is taking some creative thinking to get all the new yarns on the shelves. After looking at them for a while everything starts to blend together.

A bit of knitting has been done today as well.  I just finished the seventh row on the next pattern of the Mystery Shawl. Golf was on today so knitting was a good excuse to sit and watch.

As you can see I haven't sewn the ends in yet. I'm saving those for another day.

A shipment of Twilleys Freedom Wool arrived today.
Freedom Wool super chunky is a beautiful soft 100% pure new wool roving yarn, which is knitted on 10mm knitting pins and produces the most gorgeous garments. With an abundance of colours to choose from, the shade range also includes a selection of subtle colour mixtures.
See the shades..

We have this vest knit up in the store in colour 430 Smoke Blue. The colour has been out of stock for months but we have it again!!

Three great new patterns came in the shipment.

It's home knitting time. 

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