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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Clue #3

Clue #3 for the Mystery Shawl came on Thursday night. I showed the beginning of the clue yesterday and am now two rows from finishing it.
I need to repeat clue #2 and #3 once and then #2. There won't be a lot of writing tonight so that I can get back to it.

I love tweed yarns and Debbie Bliss has done some great patterns for her Luxury Tweed Chunky.

Curved Edge Coat
Cocoon Tunic
Easy Sweater
Belted Coat
We have two new colours of the yarn in stock-25 grape and 23 black.

One thing I don't have in my pile of knit wear is a simple sweater that I can throw on like a sweat shirt. The Easy Sweater will fill that void. Purple or black-that is going to be a tough decision.

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