Monday, August 01, 2011


This morning was busy working on Camp. I am teaching a course on Cast Offs and needed to get the homework written out so that the students can make sure it is done. There are five different cast offs that I am going to work on-unfortunately that means five different swatches the students need to prepare. I tried to give them the least amount of work possible. I knit swatches this morning to make sure I was giving them the proper homework.

There was some more Camp paperwork to do-the room list for the resort. I need to make sure we have the proper people living together. Some people have favourite rooms so I need to make sure all those are in order as well.

Scalene was cast off last night. I took it out on the deck to take pictures and Roko did his normal 'Julie is taking pictures of knitting' freak out. He wouldn't even come outside.

I don't have a mannequin at home (but it is something to think about) so I hung the scarf on a light on our deck. I will take the scarf to work tomorrow (it still needs the ends sewn on) and get a proper picture.

Late last night the first clue came in from Stephen West for the Mystery Shawl. I have it downloaded but first I need to roll my yarn into balls.

From left to right
Smokey Orchid

It's time to get back to Camp. I have another class to work on. :)

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