Monday, January 17, 2011

Way Too Cold!!!

I came to work chilled to the bone.  I was just about to pull out of the driveway when Beth flagged me down.  Her truck wouldn't start.  Of course she had pulled into the driveway so we had to do some maneuvering with my truck to get it close enough to try and boost her truck.  This meant we had to keep walking through a snow bank.  I couldn't find mittens so my fingers were frozen.  My toes are still cold!! Then we lost the keys to Beth's truck.  Yes, we had them outside but they went AWOL.  Beth finally found them-they fell onto the floor between the seats.  We couldn't get it going so she had to phone my dad's company and get someone to come over and try.  Two women are not meant to be trying to do anything with motor vehicles.

Besides Rowan magazine 49 there are many more booklets coming. Here is a sample from two.

Rowan Savannah Collection
12 designs from Marie Wallin in a yarn called Savannah

94% cotton
6% silk
18 stitches=4" on 5mm needles
8 colours

This is coming as a sample for the store.  I love it!!

Rowan Cotton Classics magazine
16 designs from Martin Storey using Handknit Cotton and All Seasons Cotton

Swash in Handknit Cotton
Ripple in Handknit Cotton 
Sandwave in Handknit Cotton

I am really ready for spring to get here!!  Especially after seeing these happy, bright pictures.

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