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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Offhand Designs

It is Monday night and we are watching the BCS game (college football). We went to the show this morning to have one quick walk through and then off to the mall. Nordstroms was happy to see us. :) Two pairs of shoes for me and a pair of boots for Bev. I don't think there will be any time to post tomorrow so I am just getting ahead of myself. We land in Toronto at 8:30 tomorrow night and when speaking to dad he said we might be coming home to a snow storm. Lucky us!!

Here are pictures from the Offhand Designs booth. In a previous post I talked about the changes that Larissa is making to the bags for this season. I was afraid that the straps on the Scottie and Zhivago would be too short to go over my shoulder but they are plenty long enough. The bag was very comfortable when I tried it on.

The lime green fabrics are great. Very bright and cheerful.

These bags are just prototypes. The leather is different colours on this Scottie but they will be the same colour when the bags arrive in the store. Of course I have ordered this colour for myself-there is no way I am passing up a purple bag!!

Love the black and grey as well.

The Offhand Designs booth is always one of the first that I visit and Larissa had great bags again. I wish that she was shipping my bags tomorrow. :)

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