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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Self-Striping Yarn

It is the last day of the show. There are a few booths I need to visit and then it will be time to say goodbye to everyone. After that we are going shopping.

While walking the show everyone asks if I saw anything that was interesting. Here is a new yarn that I am excited about.

Tina at KnitWhits has a cool new yarn coming out this spring. She has done many designs in Noro yarns and decided that she wanted her own yarn.

The dye process is very different. She knits up huge swatches of yarn on a knitting machine and then dyes the yarn. This makes sure that she gets even striping. Then the swatch is ripped out and made into balls. By doing this every ball is striped in the same order. The balls also start and end with the same colour. This makes it easy to have continuous striping.

When I saw the Entrelac hat the first thing I though of was that it would make a great project for an entrelac class. When the yarn arrives I will set a date to teach it.

From the KnitWhits website:
Six mulitcolors with at least 2 coordinating semi-solids for each multi.
Each multicolor ball starts & ends with the same color, making adding a new ball a breeze with less waste!
No sudden color breaks, no "wildlife"
Our yarn is a soft, feltable, single-ply, 100% wool and is made in the USA
These yarns knit up at the popular 4-5 sts/inch gauge, they are interchangeable with other self-striping yarns and can easily be used in any Knitwhits patterns suggesting self-striping yarns.
Our yarn is carefully handpainted in small batches. Some variations may occur between dye lots. When ordering larger quantities we will endeavor to match colors as close as possible.

I have ordered all the colours and we should have them in the store at the end of February/beginning of March.

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