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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Ruffles

Scarves are going to be big right through the spring and summer. We have a brand new yarn in stock that I will definitely be making a scarf out of.

This is Tul from Katia-a ruffle yarn for spring.  There are 27m on a ball so it is slightly shorter than a ball of Ondas.  If you want a nice long scarf then you will need two balls ($7.95 a ball).  The yarn is 82% Combed Cotton and 18% Nylon.

Very pale, shimmery colours that will look great with anything you are wearing.

Mr. FedEx just walked in with a box of Frill Seeker.  Unfortunately not very many colours arrived.

I have talked with my supplier and they are totally out again.  They will be receiving their next shipment of Frill Seeker in March.

There is good news though. Four brand new colours arrived. Perfect for spring.

I talked with the supplier of Triana and Ondas as well.  As of right now they are expecting a huge shipment sometime next week.  The first one should have lots of Triana and then a week after there should be a huge shipment of Ondas.

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