Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Monday in Vegas

Beth and I were up early this morning. OK, it was 8am but you can tell from the time I did my last post that we went to bed very late last night.

We put the TV on to see what weather to expect and it was snowing. Yes, snowing in Vegas. When we looked out our window you couldn't see anything here but on the outskirts of town they closed some roads and schools. It doesn't take much snow to shut down Vegas. We were here a few years ago and woke up to snow on the ground one morning. The snow barely covered the ground and the airport was closed for the day.

After breakfast we headed to The Forum Shops at Caesar's. No purchases but we did have cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory.

Then onto Bellagio. Unfortunately the Conservatory was in construction mode. Christmas was coming down and they were getting ready for Chinese New Year.

Then onto Aria. Last night we went by cab but today we took the tram from the Bellagio. When you get off the tram you can look down onto restaurants and shopping.

We played some slots and came back to our hotel. After dinner I decided that it might be nice for a rest so we sat in the room and I knit while watching The Bachelor.

Here is my Hitchhiker scarf. Our room is very dark and finding somewhere to get a good picture wasn't easy. The pattern is easy to knit and good to work on while traveling. I am totally in love with the colour.

It is late again and my bed is calling. Okay, I am going back to my knitting for a bit.

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RunnerInPink said...

Love the colors for the scarf!!! Hope the snow...um...stops? Haha. That's crazy.

katkin said...

Glad you are having a good time.Your scarf is nice.I'm making a cowl out of Baby Llama,my step daughter got it for me for Christmas.It is so soft.