Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little Road Trip

My parents called during the week that they needed some things from their house in Ancaster-they are in Myrtle Beach.  Instead of sending them by courier I am taking them down on Saturday.  I leave Buffalo early Saturday morning and will land again in Buffalo late Monday night. Unfortunately there won't be any golfing this trip-my chiropractor wants me to wait a few more months before swinging my clubs.  My mom is excited because she can rest while dad drags me around doing errands.  This trip is going to be a first for me-no checked luggage.  I am taking carry on only.  The thought is scaring me.  :)  I can only have the pair of shoes on my feet.  Luckily there is a washing machine in their house. 

There are some more Rowan books expected any day including Purelife Classics.  The book is a collection of 12 designs from Martin Storey using Revive and Organic Cotton.





Rowan books are amazing-great garments in pretty pictures.


lookinout said...

The sweaters look good but the model looks depressed. The publishers should work on that.

Hans Kortlevers said...

Great fashion. Great shoot.