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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Knitting Celebrities

I have a few minutes to write a quick post before heading out for dinner with the Lantern Moon crew.

Yesterday I was in the Rowan booth talking with Kate Buller when she introduced me to Sarah Hatton. It is always fun getting to meet Rowan designers who's work I like and have knit.

I would link these to my Ravelry page but that isn't this easiest to do on my iPad.

Every time I saw Sarah yesterday and today she had a big smile on her face. She looks like a fun person to be around!! She is visiting the US for the first time and will be teaching workshops next week. Hopefully we can convince Rowan that she needs to come to Canada.

Elizabeth Bradley has introduced new kits. This is Daffodil from the Blooms Collection.

There are some other pictures from the show but I want to have more time to describe them in detail. Beth is standing at the door yelling that I need to log off and get my shoes on.

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