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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Having a Rest

Beth and I were up early again today. The first stop was a brand new hotel called The Cosmopolitan. Our cab driver last night told us it was nicer than Aria and he was right. A truly beautiful hotel/casino with incredibly friendly staff.

We walked through the casino and then went up a level to get a tea and muffin. This is the seating area at the top of the escalator. Is there any way to get this furniture out of there and into my house without them knowing??

There are some interesting stores in the hotel. The windows of this clothing store are lined with vintage sewing machines.

We then went to New York, New York for a quick walk through. It has been awhile since we were there and they have done some nice upgrades.

Back to the Cosmopolitan for lunch at Holsteins. The burgers could have been the best that I have ever eaten.

Since we have spent a bit of time in various casinos we decided to take a walk through the shops at Planet Hollywood. This is out front of one of the bars. Beth read that you can go and take lessons on how to be a stripper. Good thing to know if I decide to make a career change. :)

Now it is time for a bit of rest/knitting before heading out for the night. It is almost 6 here so we have lots of time left in our day.

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Wannietta said...

Never hurts to have options ;-).

Okay ... you've seen the show often enough to know that you have to give a nice, detailed description so that we can all be salivating if you're going to say "Best Thing I've Ever Eaten"!!