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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Luck??

Neither football game went my way last night but I did get some knitting done.  After the second game Beth and I continued watching the Y&R. We are currently at December 27-almost caught up.  Sharon just found Skye in Hawaii.  It was very late or we would have watched the next episode to see Victor show up.  I was very excited to see Tristan Rogers.  He used to play Robert Scorpion on General Hospital.

I found a picture from Vegas that I forgot to post. Before leaving the Cosmopolitan we decided it would be a good idea to use the restroom.  When I came out Beth was looking at this and adding her ticket to the pile.

We had hoped that this might bring us luck but it didn't.  I wonder how much money the casino is going to clean off of the statue every year.

My website has been neglected recently so I spent some time yesterday afternoon and this morning adding some products.  I have also got things ready so that when new products arrive I can add them right away.

While sending information to Korey I came across pictures for a new yarn that Sirdar is bringing out.  Baby Bamboo is a great yarn for babies, children and adults.  You can throw it in the machine with no worries.

For spring we are getting multi coloured Baby Bamboo called Snuggly Smiles Stripes DK.  I am hoping we will see this by the end of January.

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