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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Busy airport

Bonus-two posts in one day. Now I don't have to feel bad if I don't have time to post from Long Beach.

It is Thursday afternoon and we are sitting in the airport with free Wi-Fi. Of course we are extremely early. Beth has issues about missing flights. You never know what security is going to be like. Today the airport is empty but last year it was jammed and security took over an hour.

I am sitting watching planes landing. I could do this for hours!! McCarron Airport is very busy. I can see at least three planes in the sky at all times waiting to land.

My camera is in my suitcase (we had to check out of our room long before it was time to leave for the airport and I didn't want to be carrying extra stuff all afternoon) so I had to use my phone. Then email it to myself to download on the iPad. Not the best picture but you get the idea.

I had moved on from my blog post to reading a book. It is almost time to board and I find out our flight is delayed two hours. There are huge delays on flights arriving from the east coast so they bumped our flight to use the plane to fly to JFK. These people have been waiting five hours for their flight. I feel bad for them but I don't want to sit here anymore. My knitting is in my suitcase. Something else I didn't want to carry all afternoon. Why would I need it for a 45 minute flight? How come you always want something you can't have?

Since I have time I am going to include a few pictures I received from Larissa at Offhand Designs. There will be more pictures from the show.

This is what Larissa says about the new Scottie and Zhivago

Offhand Designs introduces it's best line of doctor bags ever!! We are not trying to confuse you... just want you and your customers to be happy! With a few tweaks we think we have finally perfected the Scottie and Zhivago bags!

1) Textiles: Spring 2011 features vintage limited editions that are brighter than ever!
2) Leather Handles: We finally engineered the attachment of our new luscious leather handles.
3) Solid Brass Closures: After fielding many confused customers with our Italian locks, we have returned to a solid brass turn lock on a luscious leather flap! We never had a single question or problem with our closures before and hope to return to the happy silence of content!
4) Hidden Magnets: A magnet was added to to the frame to help keep your bag closed securely... no gaping!

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Wannietta said...

I really love the Offhand bags ... one of these days I will see the perfect bag in the perfect textile & I'll be hooked!!