Wednesday, November 03, 2010

There's a new Holster in town

Last night just before going to bed I received an email from Namaste. This isn't a good thing because it gets my mind going before trying to sleep-blog post, ordering, newsletter...

There is a new bag coming out and I will be doing an order this afternoon The bags are expected to arrive in port the middle of November so Namaste should have them by the end of November for shipping. I would expect that the bags will arrive here by the second week of December. Yes, just in time for Christmas.

From Namaste
"The bag is great for on-the-goers who don't want a big bag to worry about, but want their goodies close at hand. The hip holsters boast an across the body strap as well as a belt attachment option. Perfect for small projects, camera, personal items, etc. There's a new Holster in town!"

I wondered about the term Vegan Leather. Namaste and Jordana Paige both use it. According to Wikipedia it is an artificial alternative to traditional leather. It looks like the real stuff but isn't.

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