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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Woven Fabric

There hasn't been much knitting time but I do have some more done on my scarf.  As I get further in I am starting to like how the colours are playing out much better.  It is striping which makes it really look woven.

A few boxes arrived today.  The square needles from Kollage are here.  The box was full of double points-the circulars will be coming in a few weeks.

There was also a box from Prism-more Saki for Ruffle Scarves. Lynda is currently using the Saki in a Linen Stitch Scarf to see how the colours play out.

Fingers crossed there will be a few shipments arriving tomorrow with new yarns from Noro and Classic Elite.  This information is being saved so that I can have some good pictures tomorrow!!

We are half way through Grey's Anatomy from last season.  Not sure how I am liking the staff from Mercy West.  We are going to try and get through a few more episodes tonight.  By next week we should have last season done and can start with the new episodes that are taped.  There is also a baseball game and hockey game to watch along with The Apprentice.  Thank goodness Beth works the remote so I can knit.

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