Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scarves are back!!

Thursday morning one of my sales reps was in showing me some new products.  She pulled out a scarf and I knew that I needed the yarn in the store.  She put in an emergency order and it should be here late Monday afternoon.

A few years ago we did a ruffled scarf in the store where you knit through the top loops of the yarn. We are doing that again with this yarn. 8 stitches on 8mm needles. Should be quick to knit-I will let you know because as soon as the yarn arrives I will be casting on.

One ball will make a scarf.

There are amazing colours

50-sea green and blue 
 45-fuschia (have you noticed that there are different spellings on this.  I have also seen it spelled fuchsia).
44-fire red
 43-beige and brown


I have also ordered solid cream and solid black along with a black/grey blend.

What colour do you think I will be using?

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Unknown said...

Oh Wow - that's looks like crazy fun!!!