Friday, October 01, 2010

No Sleep

Getting up at 2:30 to watch the golf sounded like a good idea.  We got to watch for a couple of hours before play was suspended for rain.  They said it would be back in two hours.  Okay, I could have a nap and then get up.  Play was suspended for another two hours.  Another nap.  Then they said 9am. Perfect.  I could do my work while watching.  It is 10:20 and the golf still hasn't started.  The word is now 11am.  Why didn't someone tell me last night just to sleep through the night??  Tomorrow morning it will be starting at 3am. Yes, I will be trying again.  :)

While at Camp I was inspired to work on my Dryad.  Jared brought his and I fell in love/lust with it again.

You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry and I highly recommend knitting this scarf if you like cables.  I thought it was going to take a long time but each row goes quickly-there aren't a lot of stitches.

Jared makes great charts-you don't need to enlarge them to be able to read them.

The yarn is fabulous-Portland Tweed from Classic Elite.

50% Virgin Wool
25% Alpaca
25% Viscose

18 stitches = 4" on 4.5mm needles
110 m on a 50 gram ball

If you have trouble reading the names on the right just click on the picture and it will open in its own window. Click on it again and it will enlarge for you.  This works for any picture I add to my posts.

It is now 7:30 and I am home from work.  There will be a very quick dinner and then bed.  3am is going to be here sooner than I want.


Irene said...

I don't know if I could get up that early to watch golf. So glad you enjoy it.

The Wooly Wumpus said...

Julie, will you be carrying Portland Tweed in the store? It's definitely one of my faves!

Julie said...

We have quite a few colours of Portland Tweed in the store and can order anything we don't have.
It will be on our website in the next few weeks.