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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I Caved!!

The website has been neglected lately so I decided to add some new yarns. Portland Tweed from Classic Elite is now available online but Korey hasn't added the shade cards yet so I have added them to the blog.  Look at the top of the page 'Portland Tweed'.  I took 4 balls of every colour and scanned them (every colour by itself) into my computer.  The pictures are then cropped, colour names added and now I have a shade card.

Everyone is knitting the Linen Stitch Scarf and I decided that I needed one too.  I fell in love with a new colour of Mini Mochi so I am experimenting with it.  Two balls are on the go-one row from one ball and then the next row from the other.  Something tells me that I should have gone two rows from one ball and then two balls from the other but I am not ripping and starting again. I am totally addicted to the Linen Stitch and have many, many scarves planned in my head.

A tip from Jane-when you finish a row do not cut your yarn unless you are ready to start the next row.  This will stop you from doing two rows in the same direction and throwing off your pattern

A tip from me-make sure you put stitch markers on when you do the cast on and keep them on your needles.  The stitch before the marker is always a slip (on both sides) and this will let you know if there is a mistake in your row before you get to the end and have to rip out 450 stitches

It's a big TV night-Survivor and Hell's Kitchen.  Lots of knitting time!!!

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Irene said...

good tips indeed.