Saturday, October 30, 2010

The holidays are coming

I am very tired today.  It was a long TV night last night.  First up was Grey's Anatomy.  We are totally caught up and watching the episodes as they happen.  What is going on?  The show has really gone down hill.  Either give us the old Christina back or get rid of her.  Then came The Apprentice. There are some really annoying people on this time.  Beth wasn't feeling well yesterday morning so she stayed home from work and napped.  That meant she wasn't ready for bed so we decided to try an episode of the Y&R.  That one episode turned into four.  There was a lot of fast forwarding-Beth wanted to find out what was happening with Abby and Victor.  Seriously good TV. Now Victoria and Abby are suing Victor.  $3 billion.  That is right.  With a B not an M.

Did you know that the Holiday Gifts issue is not available in book stores? Our copies arrived today.
More than 60 projects cover everyone on your knitted gift list: We’ve got knits with bright pops of color (“Many Hued”), knits for cozy spaces (“Handmade Home”), lovely vintage lace (“The Lacemaker”), super-warm accessories (“Cozy 101”), fast knits in big yarns (“The Elements of Knitting”), mix-and-match projects to customize (“Metamorphoknit”), pretty toys (“Child’s Play”), and clever takes on classics (“Free-form Warm,”). Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts is full of inspiration for the most wonderful time of year. 
Ms. Canada Post also brought a box from Jordana Paige.  NICE!!  Here is a picture from Jordana's website.  I wanted to show how big the bag is.  Very deep so that your patterns and needles can fit.  I am torn between Deep Taupe and Teal Blue.

A bit of bad news.  The Katia scarf yarns did not arrive in Toronto today.  They are now expected in Montreal over the weekend and won't be in Toronto until mid week.

I am not sure if you know that a monster lives in the store-Iris the Gourmet Monster.  This amazing kit is from Lorna's Laces and is knit in Revelation on big needles.

Kits arrived this week for bright Iris.  The kits includes felt to make her mouth and eyes.

It is now Saturday morning and I logged in to start todays post when I see that I forgot to hit Publish last night.

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