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Monday, October 18, 2010

Going to start a cool scarf

Jane worked in the store today so that I could get errands done.  It was a good thought but it didn't happen. Beth received a huge shipment from New Zealand on Friday so I spent today helping her getting yarn shipped out.

While I was packing boxes Jane was unpacking a few boxes in the store.

The scarf yarn that I showed on Saturday (called Triana-I think I forgot to put that in the post) arrived.  I was going to knit colour 50 but it didn't arrive so I am going to use 42.

Jane is going to try and get a scarf done for Saturday as well in colour 45.

The rest of the bags from Offhand Designs arrived today as well.

This is the new Gatsby in Tuppence.

Practically Perfect has been a hot fabric this fall and Offhand is sold out of it already.  We have one Scottie bag left and three Gatsbys.

If you have a set of Interchangeable Needles then you will love Switch.  It is a very compact case to hold the tips and cords.  I have my addi Clicks in one.  From the Offhand website
Our new luxury tri-fold clutch for interchangeable knitting needles and notions. Features 12 slots labeled with US and metric sizes, two pockets for cables and a zippered pocket. Accommodates full Addi Click and Denise sets. These slots are tight to ensure nothing will fall out and will ease with use.
We have the switch clutches in
Practically Perfect
Jolly Holiday

I made an executive decision on Saturday that I needed to get away for a few days. Fall has been crazy busy so far. Many people have asked about classes but I haven't been able to sit down and make a schedule. The past two months have been busy between the store and the shows (Tent Sale, Knitters' Fair, Knitting Camp and Fleece Festival). Now that I know there will be a small break I have started planning a few classes for the middle of November. These will be one or two night classes and I will post them later this week. Back to getting away. Beth starting yelling Vegas so I checked plane tickets. They want all my miles and some money to fly in coach so I looked at buying tickets. Huge dollars. Okay, what about a few days in Orlando? Beth and I had a great time on our last trip. When I looked up plane tickets it was all my miles and even more money for the tickets. Wasn't going to happen. Where are we going to go? Then we both said Foxwoods. This is a huge casino complex in Connecticut.  We can drive there in about nine hours which isn't much longer than the time it takes to get to Vegas if you take into account getting to the airport and sitting there for a few hours before we fly.  I have been doing some research online and have found some great things for us to do.  Now I would like to go tomorrow.

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