Monday, October 25, 2010


I was up early again this morning (not something that I want to make a habit of) and got to work on my accounting.  HST is due at the end of the week and not paying the government isn't an option.  Then off to the store to help Jane get boxes unpacked.  By the time I arrived she was almost done.  I was waiting on an order from Rowan to get parcels mailed out.  I waited.  I waited.  Mr. UPS didn't show up so I headed home to get the rest of the parcels mailed.  Don't want to keep everyone waiting.  The phone rang while I was driving home (I have hands free) and Jane was on the line to tell me that Mr. UPS had arrived.  Wouldn't you know it.  I went home and got the rest of the mail done.  Back to the store, pick up the ball of yarn and then off to the post office.  There is still a bit of accounting to be done but I'm not sure that I have the energy to look at it right now.

Did you know that it isn't easy to knit while watching football?  I would get wrapped up in a play and then forget to pick up the needles again.

Here is Dryad with 9 pattern repeats done.  Just 12 more to go.

Taking pictures on my phone isn't always the best thing to do but of course I forgot my camera.  Here is a close up and the colour is much better.

I was supposed to do grocery shopping today but it didn't fit into the schedule so now I am taking Beth to Earl's in Burlington for dinner.

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