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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Aran Knitting

I did work on the blog yesterday in the store but not a post.  At the top of this page you will see the heading Pages to Visit and then Classes.  There are going to be a few classes offered in November.  Keep checking back for more.

There is absolutely no food in my house unless you count the Halloween candy and the amazing Candy Apples that Joyce brought me.  Last night we took Lynda and Jessie out for dinner.  I didn't have anything to write and I hoped if I didn't write last night then I would have something great to write about today.

Inspirational blog information still hasn't hit me.  A bit of knitting was done on Dryad while watching football.  It looks like it did in my last picture-just a bit longer.

Wait.  I do remember something.  We received an exciting shipment of books on Friday-Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting: New and Expanded Edition.  This is an amazing book. The original was extremely popular and copies have been on eBay for as high as $400US. What a great gift for a knitting friend.

I have always wanted this sweater!!

It is a busy evening.  Baseball, football and The Amazing Race. Stay warm. I will not put the furnace on yet so it is a bit chilly (okay, very chilly) in our house.


MsWard said...

I made this sweater years ago with Philosopher's 2-ply in plum. It took forever, but it's still my favourite!

Wannietta said...

So are you knitting it for yourself? Or do you have an excellent cable knitter in mind? No pressure.

Sally said...

Love what Wannietta said.

(May I suggest this girl I know? She is fast [at knitting], gorgeous kids, and pretty darn cute herself. She lives in Barrie but can travel for a good sweater project. And THAT looks like one.)