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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Six to go

You know that I am committed to finishing my shawl when I pass up an evening of bowling with the kids. I love to bowl!  When I was young we bowled 5 pin and then as teenagers we started 10 pin bowling.

I spent last night on the couch watching episodes of Criminal Minds.  Bev got me started on this during our trip to NY.  A&E shows episodes on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons.  I tape them and they are great for knitting.  It seems like there is a long time between commercials.  While watching the Y&R it seems like it is commercial, then two minutes to knit and then time to hit fast forward again.  You can't build up a rhythm.

There are six rows to go on my shawl.  I think that they should be done tonight and I can cut the small steek that was added so the border can be knit in the round.  Tomorrow I will be 'soak'ing my shawl and lying it out to dry.  The few ends that need to be sewn in will be done when it is almost dry. The cut stitches will be sewn inside the borders and then the borders will be tacked down.

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