Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Shawl Pins

Normally I have an idea of how I want my booth to look at a knitting show-it is clearly engrained in my head.  Not this time.  I have no idea how to set it up. What am I going to take?  A few things are packed but I am feeling as if I am missing something big.  Where am I going to set up the grid?  Where are the mannequins going?  Where does the sign go?  No idea.  Many people tell me that I should stay in Kitchener on Friday night to save driving time.  This is why I need to come home.  After we get everything in the booth I am going to remember 'the thing' that I need.

Before I forget-we are in the Marshall Hall in booths 1-3.

I finally opened my box of shawl pins from Annie Adams so I can pack them for Kitchener.  The poor box was very beat up.  Annie shipped it (from Buffalo) but didn't put her name on the box, just her mailing address.  Canada Customs held the box for a month before returning it to her.  If they had called her (the phone number was on the box) she could have driven to the border and added her name.

 There are two new designs.  Willow Square


I love shawl pins.  No making button holes!

While I am showing off new pins here are a few new designs from Romi.
In honor of the acquisition of the @ sign by MOMA comes this fabulous shawl pin! Simple, yet sophisticated, this pin blends a sense of whimsy with its elegant design. Made of hand wrought copper, this wonderfully simple pin is very very light, but incredibly sturdy, with no sharp edges to snag or pull. The stick is curved so that it stays put when fixed in place (pat. pending). Body of pin is approx. 1.75 in. in diameter. Pins are hand formed and will vary slightly in appearance
I really wanted to take this out of the box and put it in my purse.
This hand wrought copper shawl pin is an elegant squared kilt-style pin for your most delicate handwork, but is sturdy enough for heavier knits as well, with no sharp edges to snag or pull. Body of pin is approx. 2.625 in. in length. Pins are hand formed and will vary slightly in appearance.
I started sewing down the border on my shawl last night.  I wanted to make sure that the point sat flat so I started at the bottom and then I can fudge as I was work up if necessary.  Hopefully this along with the top edge will be done tonight.  There might be a few ends still hanging on Saturday but it won't be the first time I wear something that isn't completely finished.  :) 

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Nikky said...

oooh those pins are so pretty! I have been looking around for a place that would carry them and haven't lucked out yet! good luck in kitchener for your show! when in doubt make a list! it may jog your memory writing it down!