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Friday, September 17, 2010

New arrivals and a preview

It is almost 5:30 in the afternoon and we haven't heard from our parents today.  I hope they are alright.  :)  I talked with my mom last night as I was walking in from work.  It was their last stop and they were in Ketchikan.  She had just come out of a quilt shop and dad was on his last adventure-Bering Sea Crab Fisherman's Tour.
Join the Captain and decades-seasoned Bering Sea fishermen for an extraordinary journey of discovery on the storied crab boat, the Aleutian Ballad, seen on Season 2 of the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch. You will set out on the calm, protected waters around Ketchikan and relax in the Aleutian Ballad's heated and sheltered outdoor amphitheater as you explore the incredible scenery of Southeast Alaska. On deck, a skilled fishing crew will haul in crab pots and fishing lines very much as they would while working on the open sea, revealing all manner of sea life. The “catch” is placed in the on-deck aquarium for you to look at. Provided the creatures are safe to handle, and if you are willing, you may literally hold them in your hands. A day's catch will likely include: king crab, snow crab, shark, octopus, prawns, rockfish, skate or gray cod. Perhaps best of all, and entwined throughout the entire tour, you will hear the personal stories of the men who have spent their lives working on the ocean. They will share their passion for fishing and the sea with you. As all of this unfolds on the deck in front of you, Alaska's magnificent coastal scenery is just on the other side of the ship’s rail. Common tour sights include an incredible bald eagle display, seals, otters, sea lions, whales, and native Alaskan fishermen working the scenic island channels. If you've ever wondered what it's like to spend time on an authentic working crab or fishing boat, this is it. Captain Dave says, "I want people to experience exactly what we experience, and to become totally engaged in something they'll never see again." This is more than just a tour—it is a magical adventure on these waters that are rich with new and amazing experiences. Come along and see what today brings. 
Beth and I were seriously jealous.  Deadliest Catch is a show we watch and to be on a crab boat would be so cool. Of course my dad called Beth when he was done his journey but the phone wasn't great so the call was short. They will be back in Vancouver tomorrow morning and home tomorrow night. I wonder how long it will be before they book another cruise?

And now business.
The Noro books for fall arrived today.

Noro Style Book from Jenny Watson.

Noro Book #28.

Along with the books came the new yarn Kirameki.

This is a lace weight yarn
60% viscose
25% nylon
10% wool
5% cashmere

The yardage is an unbelievable 452m.

Churchmouse Yarns and Teas does it again. There are new patterns on the way from Seattle. I am guessing that they will be here around the 27th of September.

Baby Wrap Sweater

Oh my goodness. Too cute. The pattern is available in 6-12 months and 12-18 months. You can use one colour or two colours of sock yarn.

“Cuff to cuff adorable.”

Trust Northwest knitting guru Suzanne Sullivan to make simple garter stitch extra special. This charming little jacket, knit from cuff to cuff, has infinite possibilities. Make it striped. Or not. Add a ruffle. Or not. Add I-cord edging. Or not. For a handsome boy version, remember to reverse the direction of the wrap and ties.
English Mesh Lace Scarf
“A lovely way to learn about lace.”
Our lace teacher Becky ffitch loves to coach new lace knitters with this simple but lovely stitch pattern. A four+four-row repeat and easy-to-see centered stitch alignments make this the perfect pattern for learning to ‘read’ your knitting. It’s a relaxing and satisfying knit for accomplished lace knitters, too. A little beading gilds the lily.
The scarf shown is knit in a double knitting weight yarn but there is a surprise on the pattern. You can also knit it in Rowan Kidsilk Haze.

Two Way Ruffled Scarf

Each scarf is knit out of one ball of Kidsilk Haze on 5.5mm needles.
“Simple or lacey. Single or layered. Fun either way.”
This romantic scarf, devised for the 2010 LYS Tour, was inspired by a clever piece our friend Candace brought home from Italy. Each one-skein scarf can be knit in simple stockinette or easy eyelet lace, then worn on its own tied in a variety of ways, or layered one inside the other for double ruffle drama. Go for high contrast or soft, subtle shades. Oh, the possibilities! 

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Irene said...

Great looking knits, and I hope the crab adventure was wonderful. I know the quilt shop was.