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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nap Time

I just walked in the door from Camp and am doing a quick post before having a nap.  This year was our fastest clean up ever.  Classes go until 11:30 and then we all meet for lunch.  After everyone leaves we start packing up the mini-yarn store that was set up.  With help from Jared and Elizabeth we were on the road quickly.  Another first this year-no traffic on the 400.  Normally when we reach Barrie it is stop and go all the way to Toronto.  Not today.  I got Jared to the airport so early that he was going to try and get on an earlier flight.  I offered to stay in case he didn't and I could take him for a coffee but I think he was looking forward to some alone time.

I told you yesterday that Elise is a great teacher.  She was showing her class how to rip out a row and the easiest way was to have them stand behind her.  It is safe to say that you won't see me sitting on the floor during class.  :)

The students are very tired by Sunday morning so I tried to pick easier classes for today.  Elizabeth taught thrum mitts. Wendy thought that her work so far looked like a troll.

The view from our teaching room is very tranquil.

I don't have any more pictures to share from Camp.  The days were crazy and my camera didn't come out.  I am hoping that the ladies who did take pictures will send them to me so that I can share our fun.

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