Monday, September 13, 2010

Mr. Postman please hurry

Yesterday started off going to the store to unload the van.  Then off to the warehouse to take out the grid and cash desk.  The journey continued to my dads office to drop off the van and then back to the store to get my truck. The afternoon was spent watching football and a bit of knitting.  I was so busy flipping between games that it was almost impossible to get anywhere on my sweater.  Normally Beth is in charge of the converters (when she is home I am not allowed to touch them) but she was at mom and dads with the dogs.

My computer just made a noise to tell me that there was a new email message.  It was from Larisa at Offhand Designs telling me that the new Scotties are ready to be shipped.  Fingers crossed they will be here next week in time for Camp.

I have decided to reduce the price of the bags that are currently in the store. These are the old style bags that are being replaced.


Scottie has a whole new style-there is a rolled leather handle and a detachable velvet strap.

Practically Perfect (there is one in the shipment for me)

Tuppence (and I need this one too!)


Chim Chim Cheree

The big decision today has been what to unpack from the Fair and what to leave packed up for Camp.  There are going to be boxes hanging around the store for another week but there isn't much that can be done.  Somedays I really miss my storage room.

I also started working on the Fashion Show for Camp.  The brochure needs to be printed so I had better hustle.  It is shaping up nicely and will be the best one yet.  The garments are incredible and there are a lot of them. Thankfully I have five models this year.

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