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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


There isn't much knitting to talk about today.  No boxes came in yesterday.  I am not progressing on my knitting.  The store is a mess.  Now we are done with business.

Dad called Beth last night to check in.  His wilderness safari yesterday was amazing.  He couldn't stop talking about it.  His tour guide came up to him and said he looked familiar.  They talked for a bit and then figured out that she was a tour guide for dad and Beth when they cruised a few years ago.

Mom and dad are going through the glaciers today.  Who knows if they will remember to take the camera on deck with them.  It got me thinking about the trip Beth and I took.  Here are some pictures from our Alaskan Cruise.

Every evening a 'newspaper' is put under your door telling you what is happening the next day on the ship.  We were arriving in Glacier Bay at 6am so we made sure that we were up to see everything.  It was cold out (definitely needed our ski jackets) and we convinced the staff to start serving us hot chocolate with shots of Kahlua. Other travelers thought it was a good idea and the bar staff was busy all morning.

We didn't really need to be up so early because the ship goes very slowly through Glacier Bay and it takes all day to make it all the way around.

Later in the day the sun came out.  It was still cold but we didn't care.  The sights were amazing.

We took many, many pictures that day.  On my computer there are 230 pictures from Alaska and 110 of them are from going through the bay. This doesn't count the numerous pictures we deleted from the camera before coming home.

If you are thinking of taking an Alaskan cruise don't wait.  It is a trip of a lifetime. Many people think that an Alaskan cruise is for retired people. So not true. The activities to do in port are definitely aimed at younger, fitter people. Hiking on glaciers. Mountain biking. Sea kayaking...

I am going to stop writing now.  I am turning green with envy because my parents are doing this and I am not.  :)

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