Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Isn't it time for fall?

The first day of September-the heat can go away now so that fall can start.  I have many great sweaters that I want to start wearing!!

It was a busy day for deliveries.  Ms. Canada Post came with three boxes, Mr. Canpar came with one and Mr. UPS brought one.

Box 1-Churchmouse Patterns for the Knitters' Fair.  Now I need to make up kits.

Box 2-Sweaters from Lynda.  I am just showing one today and then another tomorrow. Here is Wild Saffron knit in Rowan Renew.  I can't wait to get mine done.

I wasn't standing very square to the mannequin when I took this or else my mannequin has a bad lean to her.

Box 3-Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kits

Each Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kit is carefully packed and contains the design printed on 10-mesh canvas, our own 100% wool thread, a full-sized coloured chart card, needle and instructions. A Victorian Cross Stitch is used for stitching both the design elements and the background area. Because of the nature of Victorian Cross Stitch, it is not necessary to use a frame when stitching. 
Box 4-Fortissima Mexiko sock yarn

Fun new colours of self-striping sock yarn.  There are twelve new colours in all.

Box 5-Rowan.  Two new colours of Wool Cotton and then a few yarns that we were out of.

Last night just as I was closing Emma's husband brought in the knitting that she just finished and blocked for me.  Payson from Berroco book 298 knit in Blackstone Tweed.

The ins and outs of the leaves make for a very interesting scarf.

The scarf is more teal, not as turquoise as the picture shows but I am trying to get this post done before I go home.  My father has called a family meeting tonight.  Okay, he is craving pasta so we are going to Boston Pizza for dinner.  If we are along then he will have a beer.  If it is just mom then he won't have one.  Don't ask.

Here is garment two from Christel Seyfarth.

The Mongolian Shawl.

The colours are stunning.

Made it with just a few minutes to spare.

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