Saturday, September 18, 2010

Free Patterns

Fall is a great time of year for blogging.  Everyday I have something new to tell you about.

I went onto the Rowan website last night to look something up and there are six new patterns (free patterns) for Colourscape Chunky.


447 Jungle is one of the new colours for fall.  You can bet that I will be starting something with it very soon.


This is the other new colour for fall-444 Moody.

I'm thinking that this could be my next project.


I'm liking this as well but I personally wouldn't wear the belt.  A great shawl pin will be on mine.


Darn.  I like this one too.


Must make this!!  Maybe while I am at Camp.


Colourscape Chunky and Felted Tweed Chunky are used in this Fair Isle pattern.  What a great way to use a self striping yarn.

Over the past few evenings I have been working on getting through the 17 episodes of the Y&R that are saved on my TV. It isn't ideal TV knitting because a lot of time is spent fast forwarding through plots that I don't care about.  Nikki is drinking again.  I knew that Meggie was bad news!! Chance is dead. Not getting upset because I don't think he is really dead. The best is the story line with Victoria and Billy. When Victoria came down the stairs yelling she was pregnant while Victor and Nikki were standing with Billy in the living room was priceless. I thought that Victor's head was going to pop off. I can't believe that Victor had Victoria arrested in the hopes of stopping the wedding. He was an ass when I started watching the show 30 years ago and he still is.


Sally said...

colour 444 Moody

MINE ! ! ! !

Lois Evensen said...

Beautiful yarns, but I'm not so sure I would make any of the patterns.