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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Class is in session

Blogger is acting up this morning so I am working with what I have.  We don't want to interrupt class so Beth, Cathy and I are sitting in the lobby.  Beth is reading, Cathy is knitting and I have pulled out my laptop.

Here are some of our displays in the class room.

All the garments shown were in the fashion show yesterday.  A few people took pictures during the show and are going to get them to me.  I will be posting them later in the week.
It was hot here yesterday.  We were going to start the fashion show after lunch but decided to give everyone a few hours off to sit outside and knit.

The poor models were dying while we had the fashion show. It wasn't the best day for heavy wool sweaters.

The ladies are busy in class this morning. It is much cooler today and rainy. Makes for a good day to be inside and knitting.

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Irene said...

sounds good, looking forward to more pics.